"As Seen on"... can be extremely powerful

The "News" Cleary Still Influences The Masses. So Get on Their Platforms!

  • Get your business in the press within 24 Hours

  • Launch new products or services with confidence

  • Announce anything you'd like about your business

  • Have recognition from your peers and customers

  • Enjoy being noticed by people from all over the world

  • Leverage these press mentions to have even greater social reach on podcasts, interviews and other press platforms

We have over 400+ Media Brands Publishing You.

And that includes names like


Associated Press

Yahoo Finance

FOX, ABC, NBC & many more!

I'll Show You How It’s Done

Schedule a Free Call. Let's talk about your goals and make sure it is aligned with what I do. If it isn't within my boundaries I will tell you so, however, I have a great eye for what is possible and will point you in the right direction.

I've been studying marketing and influence for a while and the truth is...

You can skip miles ahead of people not taking advantage of this opportunity. If you have a message, service, or product WORTH spreading it is imperative you take this leap and be seen in the press.

I've used it for my coaching business & this agency and both surged past what my mentors thought possible.

I helped businesses in every niche from addiction recovery, Medical Spas, Virtual Assistant Management, Electricians, and many other fields.

This simply works and my guarantee will prove that or your money back!

This Opens Doors...

Easier Sales Calls

When you have the logos and press articles on Google, it is much easier to qualify you as a business, coach, or service. People expect you to be one of the best.

Podcasts & TV Appearances

It will be much easier for you to pitch your services and persona to podcasts and be invited as a guest on television broadcasts.


Most of my clients generally just feel better about their services when they get the recognition they deserve and it is noticed online.


Do I have to write my own article?

You can if you want. It will be cheaper but there is no guarantee that the publications will be picked up by everyone in our network.

Otherwise we have a team with years of experience in the press relations world that will write a piece that is bound to grab attention, and even rank on Google in most cases for organic traffic.

How Long Does it Take?

24 Hours - 2 Weeks

It all depends on the type of publication you are looking for and the type of announcement you have. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the right time but in many cases, timing doesn't matter. Let's talk about what you are looking for to get this planned for you.

Is This USA only?


I have clients in Australia, Colombia, the UK and many more. Feel free to book a call!

Will I be able to add the logos to my website?

Of course!

That's one of the main selling points of all of this. You can use this in social media, your website, however you please! The more creative you get... the better the results!

How much does this cost?

This is not like most PR agencies. It is not going to cost you thousands of dollars to do.

However, your price will depend on the level of coverage that will be suitable for your business. Let's talk about it in our call!


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