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5 Bizarre ways local businesses fail to get clients online (over 90% are guilty of the 3rd)

Many businesses try really hard to maximize their efficiency online; however, many other companies fail their online clients. What separates one from the other?

What are companies doing wrong? Here’s an overview of some of the ways local businesses fail their online clients. Avoid making the same mistakes. 

The 5 reasons you may be falling behind in the online gold rush.

Poor Website Design

Out of all of the ways that a company can let their online customers down, having a poorly designed website is at the top.

Many things can go wrong in website design, and not all of them are immediately obvious. For example, your website might be aesthetically gorgeous, with plenty of pretty graphics and rich imagery. Still, if it’s poorly organized, the website won’t do you or your customers much good. 

When specific products or services are hard to find on your website, you need to revisit the design and make some modifications. If you think that customers will spend hours searching through your site to see what they want, you’re in for an unfortunate surprise.

In fact, most customers won’t even spend 10 minutes looking for something if they’re having trouble finding it. With so many competitors out on the web, they’ll surf to another site that’s easier to find. 

Odd or Nonsensical SEO Keywords

Every website in the same industry competes with an unfathomable number of other websites selling similar goods or services. As any successful and enterprising business with an online presence would know, search engine rankings are essential.

How do you stand out and rank higher in the search engines? We can answer this inquiry by looking to a similar question’s answers, how do you rank poorly in search engines? 

Not every business has a highly trained SEO wizard on their team, which is why so many companies perform poorly in search rankings when they try managing their SEO in-house. For example, someone who is mostly unfamiliar with the best SEO practices might overgeneralize their keywords and use words like—best roofing contractors, roofing contractor, roofer, etc.

Someone experienced with SEO would know that they should make their keywords more specific using expressions like best roofing contractors in Kansas City. Best dog-friendly roofing contractor near [Neighborhood].

Returns Protocol

A surprising number of businesses are guilty of the third major failure, difficult or inconvenient return policies. Whether you like it or not, customers will return certain items from time to time, and when they do, you must make it easy to return items from your website. The terms, instructions, and protocols for returning an item should be as simple as possible. Customers who struggle to produce something are less likely to come back to your site to buy something else. It’s all about customer experience. Whether they’re buying something or sending something back, you should endeavor to make it as quick and painless as possible. 

Ineffectual Newsletters

There is a fine line between genuinely informative, engaging newsletters and spam. Customers are incredibly trigger-happy when it comes to flagging emails as spam. Always make sure that your newsletters are written professionally by someone who understands your business and what your customers are actually interested in hearing. 

Failure to Reward Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are of the utmost importance for brands looking to maximize their long-term online sales. Remember, you don’t want to focus too much on attracting one-time customers. The real money is in repeat business. A well-designed customer loyalty program is one of the most effective ways to keep customers coming back.

In conclusion, you can expect to do what clients have grown to expect in a brick and mortar business. You need to create similar experiences that are catered to the individual browsing your business online.