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Day 1 Marketing Strategy: Post Pandemic Must Do’s For Aesthetic Centers or MedSpas

COVID-19 has walloped aesthetic practitioners. Some have had to close their doors forever. People likely don’t feel safe going out for treatments, and practitioners may also not feel safe. 

Unfortunately, many regular patients may have lost their income, as well. But it still doesn’t mean that people don’t want or need their treatments. Practitioners will just need to approach it differently to get people back in the spa. 

Marketing During COVID

Many people are lucky enough to be still working from home. However, just because they are not in the office doesn’t mean they can work in their sleepwear. 

People still need to communicate, and these days, that means video. Most of us don’t look or feel great in 2-dimensional blue-backed screens on a good day. So, we still need to make an effort and get comfortable.

The market for video – We ALL are on video now.

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Use the fact that people are still having face-to-face meetings to let them know you are there for them. People will still want to make an effort for these video calls, so let them know you can help.

Put together some homecare kits. Let people buy the products to be delivered that they can use themselves at home. An emphasis on foundation, power, and eyes will be a welcome tip. 

We all look washed out, shiny, and flat on a video. Most of us are not under ideal lighting conditions, either. Put together some products that will make them feel confident.

It’s a very competitive market, so bring them what they need right now. We are all finding our way through these strange times, but rather than wish it were different, just make the best of our situations. That’s where you and your medspa come in. 

Before and After – Must have for any treatments and products.

People love to see the results that they themselves are looking for. Make up a few before and after pictures and use the actual computer screen camera to take them. 

You can let people see just how much they can look while chatting online with one person or the entire team. Even a few treatments or a bit of makeup can make a huge difference in how they feel about themselves. 

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When we believe we look better, it is reflected in our behavior, for people having business settings, getting interviewed for their expertise, or just catching up with family. Everyone wants to look their best. 

Getting out in front of these strange times may be the best way to market, if not save, your clinic. Some might feel that aesthetics are a luxury, but they are a necessity for many people.

Customer Testimonials – The power of someone else endorsing your specialty

Use actual pictures of your clients with their testimonials. Your clients will see for themselves how much improvement there is with the computer’s harsh lighting and screens. 

People can look softer, less shiny, and far more professional. We have all seen how harsh we can look. You can show them you have the solution. Your clients can tell them so. 

People are far more inclined to believe people over the brand, even if they are already loyal. Let your product and your ability tell the story for you. Just because people are working from home doesn’t mean they don’t need to make an effort. 

Use All Your Platforms – You can make use of cross-engagement

Send your photos out on all your social media platforms. People love to see how your products will work for them. People will see them, share them, and want to try them. 

The proof is in the very results you are sharing with people. Let them see how to improve their appearance on their video calls to make a far better impression and build their confidence. It’s been a nice break, but people need to get back into the habit of trying a little harder. 

Safety First – There are many people still very cautious, and they need to know your safety measures.

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If you are opening for business, even with limited service, make sure you let people know what the policies are. A limited number of people in the salon, limited hours, and protective gear to be worn where feasible. 

Post these policies on your website and include them with any marketing you are doing. While it may not be feasible for the clients to wear protective gear, all staff helping clients should be. 

These are some pretty quick ways you can inform your area about your services. I think the key insight here is to pick the useful narratives your customers are actively involved in. If you show them you have solutions specific to their needs, they will want to know more!

As always, I help aesthetic centers and medspa practitioners get the coverage they need online to break through the digital barrier between their location and customers. Feel free to follow and interact with me. I am constantly helping professionals identify their brand to their clients and build awareness in this growing market.