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The Content Marketing Variety Pack – Tips & Software for Beginners Or Experts

There’s a lot of good content online that covers content marketing. Not only can you learn a fair bit, seeing others’ perspectives can be thought-provoking – and can even make you reconsider your opinion. This article will cover a wide variety to capture the range of possibilities in the content market.

 Look, I love computers. Since I was nine years old, I’ve been hooked, asking Google questions as a kid to see what would show up. I searched through the various possibilities that were available and enjoyed letting my imagination go wild. 

Man, have things changed since dial-up. 

These computers’ abilities, quite literally, double by the year, and content seems never to cease production either.

I did some time in the programming world, and it unlocked a new way of thinking about life and computing in general.


Now, more than ever, you have to be finding ways to do things better, faster, and more creatively. It’s most preferred if you can do all of these in a repeatable fashion.←-(That’s how you scale)

There are teams worldwide creating software that can automate, track, decipher, and even create content. (Have you caught the whispers of GPT-3?)

Often these tools can help you do more than you possibly could on your own.

So, if you are planning to make content for your business… 

Check out these tools & resources that will give you a modern competitive edge or make your life easier to get started in the content space.

Scaling Content – 1: They have incredibly advanced software. I couldn’t cover all of their features in this article, but they have some useful content marketing articles for beginners and experts alike.

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While I can’t recommend their software from an experienced perspective, I went through 2 of their training modules and was immediately able to see the power they claim is real. So, I jumped into a call with them to learn more.

They offer AI predictive analysis and real-time word suggestions based on buyer language. They will soon release natural language processing, and these are only a few of the solutions they provide.

If you’re a content powerhouse, then you need to consider saving time and becoming more efficient with this software as it’s designed to help junior writers perform at an expert level, allowing you to scale more confidently.

If you’re an absolute beginner in the content space, I’d recommend browsing the blog for now and start by checking out number 2.

 Starting Content- 2:

I’ve struggled with creating a content plan, so I know it can be tough figuring out what to do to get started.

What will I write about? 

How will I get people to read it?

Whom am I trying to help?

The article is about agriculture blogs, so you’re going to have to read into the value here and get creative if your industry is different, but this article is the literal blueprint to writing a useful blog in any category.

Replace all the agriculture jargon and create a headline list that poses similar problems & solutions.

You now have a blog plan filled with content for people who will read the articles because you provide answers to specific problems. 

I wouldn’t leave you with just the article. I had to reach out to the author, Cole Anderson, to get his advice. I asked how to structure content when starting out and here’s part of what he said,

“to keep things organized, I work on writing out headlines first.”

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If you think about it, the headline is the critical moment of your content. If no one has the interest to click…

Then the article will not be read. 

Once you have a headline that can provide enough interest for a form of value, you just need to fill out the content to deliver it to the recipient. 

Check out his other articles or follow him on LinkedIn to catch more of his writings and expertise.

Psych Content 3: Marketing Psychology This post gets into a little bit of the philosophy and psychology behind branding. So if you’re pretty serious about building persuasive content, then you’ll need to check this out for sure.

I’m going to assume that you would only sell a product or service that fulfills what you say or guarantee.

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The truth is we are persuading or persuaded all the time. I’m also going to assume you believe persuasion can be a good thing. 

If you had a product or service that could help me, but I don’t believe or necessarily want to buy it. It’s up to you to persuade me to buy it. I might not even understand or realize how positively impactful it could be to my life.

Persuasion is an age-old occurrence amongst us humans, and you’d be wise to incorporate some of these strategies into your content. It requires you to learn about your clients more deeply and can increase the level of help you provide them.

Tips And Tool 4: Guide To Online Branding Neil speaks for himself. If you haven’t come across his content yet, you certainly will on your journey with content.

In this article, there is an explainer video that will break down 3 advanced marketing tactics.

The WHIPS Framework

20/20 Rulebook

And a Content Creation Template

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Neil Patel

This guy has incredible software tools and a sh*t ton of free training and content. Beginners and experts tend to find Neil ranking where they wish they could. I’d take the hint and learn from him while he offers.

In sum…

These four posts are some of the best for getting started in something new in the content marketing world.

 But don’t take my word for it – check ‘em out for yourself and let me know your thoughts! I’d like to see what some of your favorite resources are as well.

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